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  • Food packaging bags is used to direct contact with food packaging products, the safety of food packaging bags will directly affect the safety of food, in our daily life with buy packaged food, we can use the look, smell, ask, identification
  • (1) Sheet material A printing sheet mold injection molding currently used mainly PET, PC and PMMA. materials, which is the most commonly used PET material, PET material types on the market range, both formal large production, and other sour
  • The best thing about a transparent plastic bag is that it is made of pure polythene material, because it needs a bit of raw material to keep it transparent, it can make clear packing bags. Because of the excellent material, also ensure the p
  • Plastic color printing packaging bag is a kind of publicity bag, because of its printing effect is good, the ink color expression ability can show up to the greatest extent. Packing bag for products not only the packaging effect, more is a k
  • The substrate is aluminum printing plate, printing ink on the surface of aluminum due to adhesion between aluminum and lower during transport collision extrusion, easy to damage the overall effect of printing patterns, which seriously affect
  • The survival of the fittest, the mighty wave crashes on a sandy shore. The world financial crisis has begun to make domestic printing colleagues suddenly feel the coming of winter. IT industry began to realize that the printing competition b
  • Product quality is the life of printing industry,and it is directly related to the market competitiveness of an enterprise.In the printing process,industry must take the work seriously which ensure the quality of presswork and put an end to
  • In the printing process, the basic requirements are gauge to accurate positioning. Especially the printing cover, not only requires the printing color stability, and due to the finishing process is often covered with plastic film, lettering,
  • One of primary aim to a box is a product for the born of color box , so one of the important function for color box is that it can pack up something and it dont allow to be opened.However, in the production process, the tackless case always
  • 1、A customized packaging box needs to communicate with manufacturers. The customer need to tell manufacturers what type of packaging? What is used in industry, gift、speciality、fruit or food industry? What materials are used, and what
  • 1、Waxing Surface Waxing surface to the package of the products, mainly bear the package a certain amount of moisture and damp. It used to the packaging of fresh meat and agricultural and sideline products. The process of waxing is finishe
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