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Identification of the safety of food packaging bags
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Food packaging bags is used to direct contact with food packaging products, the safety of food packaging bags will directly affect the safety of food, in our daily life with buy packaged food, we can use the "look, smell, ask, identification of food bags product safety method".

1. The "look" - the first thing to note the name of the product, in order to identify the purpose and scope of use, can not be used indiscriminately, so as not to cause accidents; second is to see whether a food packaging bag label QS logo, the QS logo are plastic products for direct contact with food standards certification, also need to carefully observe the food whether the bag opacity or spotted, aerosol, bubbles and other quality problems;

2.  "Smell" - food packaging bags if there is a strong plastic taste, indicating that the food bag packaging bag is not suitable for packaging food, in general, the quality of qualified food bags should not have any peculiar smell;

3. "Ask" - for the main purpose of packaging bags for food, should pay special attention to the sales staff to understand its material, use and so on;

4.  "Cut" - touch the food bag with your hands carefully, and show that the food bag is a substandard product for the key parts, such as burrs and breakage in the opening;
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